On one of my most memorable trips back to Tanzania (a place where I have had the biggest highlights and most special moments in my life). I met these two beautiful Tanzanian ladies with the most beautiful fabrics I had seen. Now these fabrics were nothing new but they were what I would say forgotten treasures. 
I believe this type of fabric/textile is even more of the true definition of an African textile and has the potential to break through the design world the same way that Ankara, kitenge and Khanga have broken through. This fabric is actually produced and handmade by a handful of ladies who have mastered the technique and now create beautiful and colourful fabrics that can be used in many ways. This fabric is the African Batik. Through Letasi Design studio, my team and I hope to be able to “wake the sleeping giant” of East African batik textile.

As an obsessed creative, I love to share my passion and pride for Africa as much as I can. Sharing my experiences and ideas with you, and hoping you are inspired. So choosing to work with East African batik Fabrics was a no brainer.

I believe this fabric/textile is even more of the true representation of an Africa culture and lifestyle and has the potential to break through the design world too. To make this even more authentic is the fact that all, the fabrics are made locally both in Tanzania and Uganda. Only goes to show how much creativity is in Africa.

So with my love for East African batik fabric, I hope that through these items you can find a way to have a little pieces of Africa to share at home, at work or with friends.

Colour your world and add some warmth and vibrance to your spaces. Enjoy the work.

Thank you for your support. Looking forward to taking this journey with you. 

Letasi (With lots of love),

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